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After Sales Service


  Your Frost France contact: Olivier Amiot.

Conveyors technical expertise

You want to know the health check of your installation? Our technicians will visit you and perform a complete check of all components of your conveyor.

A report is then sent to you point by point listing the status of key components of your installation by specifying the urgency of possible restoration or replacement. At your request, a specific offer of work and parts will be attached.

Optionally, this technical visit can also cover both the electrical and / or the automation.


Mechanical and electrical rehabilitation Works

Some parts have to be replaced or transformed, our specialist teams come on site.
We also carry out greasing or lubricating operations of wheels, bearings and rollers of your conveyors on site.


Mechanical and electrical modications

Your system needs a modification of layout, we handle the studies, manufacture and installation of the necessary elements to transform your conveyor.


Maintenance contract

Several inspections and setting of your installation are performed each year according to a schedule defined according to workload ahead.


Modification et maintenance on    installations

Our collaboration with this partner allows us to carry out performing any maintenance work or modification on    installations .