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The Twin Chains Conveyors


  Your Frost France contact : Olivier Lefevre.

distributor, FROST France is able to offer a full range of floor Bi chains conveyor :


The floor conveyor chains with storage and flat links "System 08" can create highly flexible installations. They are used whenever it is necessary or machined handle products transported on pallets in a fast way, accurate and silent then realizing workstations in series or in parallel. In the floor conveyor chains with accumulation interconnections are managed through specific functions such as :

  • Displacement of charges per unit or more, at the request of workstations with automatic stop load not required and real autonomy of each load

    Accumulation (storage) of loads in a part of the plant away from the production flow

    Accumulations beetwin the workstations

    Possibility to double the speed of transport in different parts of the plant to reduce travel time

    Stopping of pallets with extreme precision

    Advancement of the loads according cadences on a specific part of the installation

  1. Selection of loads through a coding system or barcode on the product
  • Transfers from several orthogonal lines