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Frost France - spécialiste convoyeurs aériens et chaîne de peinture
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Frost France offers a wide range of  Monorail I beam conveyors for  loads  from a few kilos to several tons.


  Your Frost France contact : Olivier Lefevre.

Those Monorail I beam conveyors , simple and reliable design are composed of one I beam lane on the wings of which circulate some trolleys connected by an X Type forged chain.

This chain is pulled by a drive unit and the tension is continuously made by a tension unit with springs or counterweights.

They offer multiple technical options to adapt  to the demands of the surface treatment  or  connection lines.

Multiple combinations of parts loading :

  • On one or several trolleys.
  • Loading on load bars or directly on the trolleys.
  • On rotative hooks for presenting the workpiece in position depending on the equipment.

Simple design and reliable

  • Standard chain all over the world : X228, X348, X458 or X678
  • Trolleys load support with protected bearings and long-term lubrication up to 250 ° C (no projected oil).
  • Chain tension group with permanent tension spring or counterweight.
  • "Caterpillar" or sprocket Drive unit.

Minimized maintenance costs

  • Long duration lubrication with up to 8000 hours without any greasing operation on trolleys at 250 ° max.
  • Meed hard steel I beam.
  •  Visible Trolleys wheels in the whole circuit.
  • Chain requiring little lubrication  (less than 1 lap per month).
  • Possibility of delivery of the equipment in kits for a cheaper cost




Drive and tension units.

There is two types of drive units::

       -    "CATERPILLAR"  drive units for chain pull from 500 to 2000 daN Maxi.

       -   Tension and  wheel drive units for chain pull from 50 to 500 daN (tension by springs or counterweight)

         Tension units:

       -    With Springs for chain pull down to 500 daN

       -    With counterweight, for chain pull > 500 daN

The Tension units and the drive units are delevered with an overload sensor..