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Frost France - spécialiste convoyeurs aériens et chaîne de peinture
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 FROST France “power and free”overhead conveyors.

 Install the worldwide standard conveyor.


  Your Frost France contactotre contact : Olivier Lefevre.

These overhead “power and free” conveyors are made to handle loads from 1 kg to 5000 kgs and more, in various  industries  such as  surface treatment, automotive and agribusiness.

Constructed on the basis of our forged chains X348, X458 and X678 I beam conveyors, they provide to your installations the qualities that are now, essential to all lines, especially in the surface treatment and coating lines.
Simplicity, reliability, this conveyor is tireless!



BR range includes 5 sizes of conveyor according to the loads

  • BR 32 for loads up to 100 kg on 2 trolleys
  • BR 3 for loads up to 400 kg on 2 trolleys
  • BR 4 for loads up to 1 000 kg on 2 trolleys
  • BR 446  for loads up to 2 000 kg on 2 trolleys(circuit -200m)
  • BR 466  for loads up to​ 2 000 kg on 2 trolleys(circuit -500m)



convoyeurs aériens frost France​



What a "Power and Free" FROST France conveyors can do !


  Your Frost France contact : Olivier Lefevre.

the Power and Free conveyors enable the following options:


     -   Stop stations to stop a load, for an operation, whithout penalizing the rest of the installation

     -   Buffer stocks with accumulation of carriers in the sens of the lenght or of the width, to

         optimize the  space taken by the process equipments.

     -   Multi-speed chains in the same line, to adapt the speed to the process and give more space

         in other places of your installation

     -   Switches to lead the loads to multiple lines or bypassing a step of the process

     -   Drop sections, to adapt the hight of the loads in a operating area(loading, painting, masking,


     -   The advance and retreat of loads in a box surface treatment tunnel.

     -   Coding systems with bar code or tag RFID for tracking and allocating of the loads case by


     -   Supervision systems for a better traceability of your production.

The FROST France Drop sections are made to be usefull, reliable and simple. Our great experience in elevators and drop section allows us to bring you the better solution corresponding to your needs./p>

FROST France has a long and great experience in the handling of long and/or heavy loads.

convoyeurs aériens frost France

The techniques we have developped allows the circulation of 18 meters long loads and of  7 tons maximum.

For loads up to 7 tons, please do not hesitate to contact us !

Our system is the one to make a lateral transfert at 180° with only one chain.  In a very small area  a load can return from a line to the other at the opposite. Using only one chain, for this transfert gives to our system an absolute reliability.